Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reunited with my Wife!!!

Here I sit typing away in Dayton, Ohio.....Jen and I in the same room! she is back from her NY gig and we can now have our lives together for the forseeable future. We know we have our next two gigs together, which we are very thankful for.

My training is going well. My running feels very strong as I have had the chance to hit some hills in Dayton. I ran a mini ten days ago that was by far my best time (85:11) but I need to get a pedometer and check the accuracy of the course. It was listed as a 1.2 mile track and I think it is short of that.....but nevertheless I felt great!

I am coming back to Indy for Saturdays' yoga class. It will mean driving home Friday night late, and leaving right after class Saturday to get back for two shows the next day, but SCREW IT.....IT'S BEEN TOO LONG!!!!!

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Cole said...

Rob and Jen,

We can't wait to SEE you. I'll be there on Saturday to give you both big hugs. Alison