Thursday, February 11, 2010

Waiting to arrive in the NOW

Haven't posted anything for six months. But re-reading some old posts, I thought it was time. Even if no one else reads this, it's nice to have records of where I am at different points.

I am really blue. I have good stuff going on, and things keep cropping up in my career that give me more hope for a better future. But I feel no spark personally right now. I rehearsed my one man show today (by myself) and felt GREAT. But still feel no personal spark.

I feel I need to find my passion again. My heart feels like wet cardboard. I feel heavy in my heart and wish I could cry it out. I don't know what to do to shake it.

I think I am feeling old. I know that is lame. And the folks who have been on this blog that are older than me will smack me for saying that, but right now that's kinda the way I feel. No hot sauce in my soul.

I know it will probably be a phase. But I thought I should write about it and hopefully look back and laugh in a few (days? weeks?.....hopefully not months......! and let's not even talk about the "y" word!)

Workouts are good. Took a day off today....first one in too long! I think I am overdoing it at the gym sometimes, so I need to remember to take a knee sometimes......

Okay, more later. When I have my shit together and feel better!

Of course, if anybody reads this, I welcome any shot in the arm you have for me!