Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lovin' the Project meetings! and Yoga!

Had a nice Project meeting at the coffee shop after a great yoga class taught by Chris this morning. Feels so good to get back into BOTH things. I was reminded especially of how we all are emotional eaters at times, and we talked a lot about getting only good stuff in the home to eat, so when we do have an emotional binge, at least we are eating good stuff and not pure crap!

Also, I LOVED sharing ideas about substitutions for crappy food (greek yogurt for sour cream type of stuff). We need to have a meeting based around that stuff. I'd love to hear what everyone has come up with......

Be well everybody!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Nice Ten Mile Run

I set out to run ten miles today with the intention of not pushing my speed, which can get me very emotional when I run.....when I feel my body pushing for a personal best time, and when I know it's not the "right day" to go that hard, I can get very scared when I run. No fun! What am I doing that for? Save it for the day I am feeling the great mojo! I don't have to prove anything to anyone, just keep myself healthy.
So I ran with purpose: Stay off the speed and focus on form and enjoyment. And I succeeded! And my time was still good: I averaged 6:50 per mile. Still two seconds under my cut-off time for running a sub-90 minute half marathon. Just reducing the speed from a 6:35/6:40 type of run to what I ran today lets me relax so much. I need to remember that......

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back in the Blog-o-sphere!

Hey Fellow "Project" Alum and Newcomers!

Though I am not in the project, I believe I am going to be a mentor with this winter's group so I want to get back in the saddle and start communicating!

My name is Rob Johansen. I have gone through two rounds of the Project and loved both experiences. I am looking forward to helping this group in any way I can.

I am currently putting myself through a mini-type of project...kind of inspired by Chris. I have put myself on a two week South Beach Diet, phase 1.....the short story: No cereal, no bread, no rice or pasta, no fruit. I am just trying to give myself a bit of a clean-out. Trying to lose a few pounds and curb a bit of an addiction to munching on cereal every time I walk past the pantry.

As I learned in The Project, you'll be amazed how fast calories add up. Those fistfuls of cereal I was having could easily add up to 500 additional calories a day. And since much of it was "mindless eating" I wouldn't figure it into my daily intake. It's been four days without doing that, and I already notice a big difference! Will I go back to having cereal? Frankly, YES! But it's good to curb it and after two weeks gently re-introduce it. Hopefully I won't want it as much!

Anyway, I will be around the blog world and I look forward to reading all your posts. Happy New Year!