Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back in the Blog-o-sphere!

Hey Fellow "Project" Alum and Newcomers!

Though I am not in the project, I believe I am going to be a mentor with this winter's group so I want to get back in the saddle and start communicating!

My name is Rob Johansen. I have gone through two rounds of the Project and loved both experiences. I am looking forward to helping this group in any way I can.

I am currently putting myself through a mini-type of project...kind of inspired by Chris. I have put myself on a two week South Beach Diet, phase 1.....the short story: No cereal, no bread, no rice or pasta, no fruit. I am just trying to give myself a bit of a clean-out. Trying to lose a few pounds and curb a bit of an addiction to munching on cereal every time I walk past the pantry.

As I learned in The Project, you'll be amazed how fast calories add up. Those fistfuls of cereal I was having could easily add up to 500 additional calories a day. And since much of it was "mindless eating" I wouldn't figure it into my daily intake. It's been four days without doing that, and I already notice a big difference! Will I go back to having cereal? Frankly, YES! But it's good to curb it and after two weeks gently re-introduce it. Hopefully I won't want it as much!

Anyway, I will be around the blog world and I look forward to reading all your posts. Happy New Year!




Sherri said...

Rob! Great to read you again! Will be updating my graduate blog too - you've inspired me to return to techno land and put down the quill pen and parchment. Looking forward to seeing you. FINALLY, this Saturday I can make Chris;s morning yoga class - see you and Jen there, I hope! -Sherri D.

Anonymous said...

Yo Rob! Great to hear you'll be around this round :)
Sure I'll see you on the mat soon!