Monday, April 27, 2009

Back in Indy for a Day....

Had a chance to come into Indy Sunday night and stay all day Monday. What a treat. Back to Dayton tuesday morning but I wanted to do a quick blog shout-out while I had my own computer....

I did what Chris has termed the "Godzilla" workout today. What I have done is combined four supersets from past workouts to make an hour-long workout that is as aerobic as it is strength-building. I am woozy as I write this.

I have been feeling a bit blue lately. I think I am doing good work on stage, but I miss Jen very much and miss my friends. But I am meeting wonderful folks with this project. It's just been four weeks away from Jen, and three away from home. That's enough!

I weighed myself for the first time in weeks and was worried that I would be heavy. I was right where I was in the midst of the first time I did the Project, which made me smile. I think I have a little fat that I could shake, but no reason to shame myself.......THERE IS NEVER A GOOD REASON FOR SHAME!!!!!!!

I am training now for the big hike coming up for me and Jen in three or so weeks. We are going to see if we can hike the Grand Canyon rim to river to rim in a day. I have done it three times in my life and want to do it again.

I was hoping we could break it up and camp down in the Canyon, but I couldn't get a we're gonna go hard-core!! At least I had the good sense to book us a room in Flagstaff that night that has a small hot tub in the bathroom!

Miss you guys....



Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Wonderful Run Down Memory Lane

Hi All,

First off, thanks to everybody who was so supportive of me and Alison yesterday for each of our race endevours. I case you didn't hear, Alison cranked out a great run, too! Doing 9 miles in way under a 10 minute pace. (Hope I got those facts right, Alison!)

I was happy with my run. My hip was sore, but I really didn't feel it on the run. And perhaps I could have pushed my pace more, but I really didn't want to. I just wanted to try to enjoy the run...which took me past so many old college memories.

My ego took a bit of a bruise when I checked the results and found that I was a little slower than I had thought, but not by much. It took a BIGGER bruise when I saw that a theatre friend of mine who is ten years my senior outran me by a minute!! But the other side of it is: that shows me that I can still be running this well in ten years......and perhaps even better!

So now I am going to rest my legs from running for a week. I am going to find a good machine to sweat on while I am in Dayton, Ohio. I leave as soon as I finish packing and finish this blog......I am apprehensive to go so I am stalling........anyway.

Good luck on the last week, project's a RECOVERY WEEK!! Way to get through all the workouts. Think about the ones that you got the biggest bang out of so you can keep them in your arsenal!!!



Friday, April 3, 2009

Am I creating DRAMA here?????

So I went to bed feeling a little "tweak" in my right hip. And woke up with it. I did the last project weight workout (but one I LOVE so it's staying in my aresenal on a regular basis!) and that helped my hip loosen up. But it still feels really sore and TIGHT.

So, tonight as I pack for my Ohio gig and the race tomorrow, I will do lots of the great stretches we have all learned on the mat. Anything I can think of to help. And a little time on the inversion table.

And maybe this is going to cause me to honestly enjoy running at an easier pace tomorrow. I just want to be able to run it all......

We'll see!

Trimmed lots of time off my super-sets today. I love the mountain climber/push to thrust/push ups speed round. I love sweating like it's aerobics when you are "lifting". It's a keeper in my life. Thanks, Chris.......

Peace and lots of love,


Thursday, April 2, 2009

The race hasn't started, but I can smell the barn!

Quick note.....longer one to come.

I will complete my last (scheduled) Project weight workout tomorrow. Although I think I will keep up with them after this week because I really love them.

Then Saturday I run the Bloomington Half-Marathon.

Sunday is a friggin' day off, and a travel day as I head to Ohio to start my next show. That will be the first day off from workouts that I have taken in ten days.

My hope is to run a strong race on Saturday, but not try to break any record. Under 100 minutes would be great. My honest goal has been to see myself through a pretty hard week of workouts, culmintaing in the race. Normally you rest for days before a race, but I always like to see how the project has helped my endurance and ability to recover quickly. So that is the test of this whole nine days.

I'll let you all know how it goes!

And I KNOW I won't sleep tomorrow night. I don't sleep well the night before a race. So I will sleep in tomorrow (sorry to all with kids....I am still able to sleep in sometimes) and then take naps whenever I feel I want to tomorrow. And then "rest" tomorrow night, leave the house at 5:45 and head to Bloomington........send me good thoughts!