Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Wonderful Run Down Memory Lane

Hi All,

First off, thanks to everybody who was so supportive of me and Alison yesterday for each of our race endevours. I case you didn't hear, Alison cranked out a great run, too! Doing 9 miles in way under a 10 minute pace. (Hope I got those facts right, Alison!)

I was happy with my run. My hip was sore, but I really didn't feel it on the run. And perhaps I could have pushed my pace more, but I really didn't want to. I just wanted to try to enjoy the run...which took me past so many old college memories.

My ego took a bit of a bruise when I checked the results and found that I was a little slower than I had thought, but not by much. It took a BIGGER bruise when I saw that a theatre friend of mine who is ten years my senior outran me by a minute!! But the other side of it is: that shows me that I can still be running this well in ten years......and perhaps even better!

So now I am going to rest my legs from running for a week. I am going to find a good machine to sweat on while I am in Dayton, Ohio. I leave as soon as I finish packing and finish this blog......I am apprehensive to go so I am stalling........anyway.

Good luck on the last week, project's a RECOVERY WEEK!! Way to get through all the workouts. Think about the ones that you got the biggest bang out of so you can keep them in your arsenal!!!



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Ginger said...

Rob, so hope that you can access your blog. Congratulations on your run! And....Jen told me that merde was an acceptable re[placement for the theatric "Break a leg" so Merde in Dayton! (BTW, I speak some French so I know what Merde is).