Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday-Yoga Class!!

Had a wonderful yoga class with Chris at CityYoga, and though it was challenging, what a nice diversion from the intense strength workouts we have had for three weeks!

I asked Chris if he would mind me doing an "old fashioned" weight workout tomorrow, as my legs are a bit tired and my upper body is chomping at the bit to have a weight workout. But Chris said that is exactly what he wants us to be feeling now....to be a horse at the gait excited for the next phase to start...but no starting it 'till next week!

So....I'll run easy tomorrow.

One thing that we talked about at the end of class tonight is how cool it is that aside from some little tweaks, no one has sustained an injury during these intense workouts. I love that! And my hip hasn't given me more than a small tweak in a few weeks, and I haven't missed a run workout yet! And don't plan to!

Tomorrow Jen and I travel to Milwaukee to see the Cubs and Brewers play.....can't wait!! And it's our "free day" but I don't think we're going to hit 4100 calories again....at least I hope not!

Speaking of that, if I had that day to do over, I would omit the Starbuck's sweets. 600 calories for both of us, and they went into our bellies so fast, it wasn't really worth it. The pizza, however, was awesome. 1100 calories for us both, but that was enjoyable for about an hour. The pastries? A few minutes at best...... I'll post how we do! Go Cubs!

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