Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gave Blood and took a day....

Jen and I didn't get home from our baseball bonanza until almost 5a.m. this morning! Well worth it as the Cubs won and we had a great time. Got to watch the last inning from the second row behing first base!

Our "free day" wasn't too nasty! Air popped pop-corn (which I think is good for a non-free day) at the ball park....then an hour later some AWESOME waffle-fries. We did NOT get cheese with them. Miller Park has some awesome brown mustard! Is that a Wisconsin thing?

After the game, we stopped at Wendy's. Jen got a single burger. No cheese and threw out the bun....BUT WAIT!! I came up with the idea of using a "flat-out" wrap instead of the bun (if you don't know about flat-outs then we must tell you.....) and Jen came up with the master stroke of using a wedge of laughing cow we had in our cooler. The result: a much healthier and I think tastier burger! I got the grilled chicken wrap, threw out the wrap and used one of our "flat-outs".

We of course had our frosty's which is the whole reason we went to Wendy's in the first place. And Jen cut up a bannana and put half in each and we put our fiber ceral into it for the crunch. That is better than any blizzard you could get from the DQ!!!!

Today I gave blood. And took a day off from any training at all. Legs are happy, I think they were a little shot from the week. And it is NEVER a good idea to exercise before of after giving blood. It's a day for rest......

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Chris said...

Hey Robasana,

Great posts! Thanks for sharing your experiences and your "tips". Who woulda thought of putting something healthy into a frosty??? Great "free day" idea.

Glad you guys had a great day at the ball park. See you tomorrow.

Are you "chomping at the bit" to start Month 2?