Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lovin' the Project meetings! and Yoga!

Had a nice Project meeting at the coffee shop after a great yoga class taught by Chris this morning. Feels so good to get back into BOTH things. I was reminded especially of how we all are emotional eaters at times, and we talked a lot about getting only good stuff in the home to eat, so when we do have an emotional binge, at least we are eating good stuff and not pure crap!

Also, I LOVED sharing ideas about substitutions for crappy food (greek yogurt for sour cream type of stuff). We need to have a meeting based around that stuff. I'd love to hear what everyone has come up with......

Be well everybody!


Sonia said...

Good idea - meeting about food substitutes...what works, what doesn't, and so on. That would help us all!

Chris said...

It was SOOOOOO goooood to have you in both the class AND the meeting, Rob! My life is always better when you are around. Thanks for being there!