Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Keeping the Project Workouts Rolling....even in an ice-storm!

Hey All Project-ers!

I just finished a really fabulous yoga class. All my friends were there. Chris Roche was the teacher and he ran a great class...just what I needed. How did I do this during one of the worst ice-storms on Indiana record?

I used Chris' cd of a class that he recorded a few months ago during an inspired Tuesday night class.

The next few days drive home the importance of a home workout program. No one should travel in this weather to do something like a workout in a gym or yoga studio. AND NO ONE SHOULD USE WEATHER AS AN EXCUSE NOT TO WORK OUT! (unless you lose power, your roof caves, your kid is frozen onto his sled....you get my drift....or my snow drift....:0)

The project is such a good tool to teach us to keep our bodies vibrant so our minds and hearts can be vibrant and happy. So if you haven't began the process of learning to work out at home....seize the crappy day and GET ON IT!!!!

Sending all you guys love and safe thoughts,



Anonymous said...

So right you are! Great job on keeping it real! It's so easy to make excuses when you are homebound, I managed to get my workout in today too. Had to do a little tweaking, but it worked. Stay Warm!

Kelly said...

That is the spirit, Rob!
I always think of you and Paul and Jen being right there with me when I do Chris' yoga CD! We had a family ice-chipping workout yesterday, who knows what is in store today?
Take care!

Chris said...

Fantastic post, Rob!