Saturday, September 13, 2008

End of Week 10 Update.....

Where to start....been too many days since I blogged!

I am nursing a sore left ankle and a sore right knee. The good news is that neither "tweak" was due to the was due to a teeny big of stage violence in the show I am in....

But even though I felt a little tweaked, I decided to run yesterday, rather than play it safe on an aerobic machine. And I am so glad I did! Seven miles at a pace of 6:46 a mile. Not bad for being a little tweaked and a little sore from the week's workouts. The Thursday workout is quite a burner for the legs, so the run on Friday is a real test.

I LOVE HOW THE PROJECT PUSHES OUR EDGE! I love being surprised by what I am able to do physically, when I don't let the belief that I am too tired get in the way. I am getting better at trusting my body and not letting my mind rule the day.

I AM GETTING TO BE A GOOD JUMP-ROPER!! I love this last phase of the workout, in that we don't have to count our jump rope reps, just do it for five minutes. Now I am focussing more on the rythm and not getting bad jumps. I have gone for as long as 90 seconds without getting stuck on the rope! Hopefully I'll work my way up to the whole stinkin' five minutes with no hiccups!

I ran for a total of 27.5 miles this week. A marathon in a week! Next week, if my knee and ankle feel good, I want to run a half marathon on Monday. Gotta get ready for October!

Talked to Chris Roche today (with Jen) about what to do after we are done with our twelve weeks. I think I want to get back to a few old fashioned weight workouts for a week, then mix it day a "Roche Weight Workout" then a day of aerobic....then an old fashioned weight workout.......just keep changing it, keeping it fun and challenging and a little shocking for the bod.

I miss doing flys more than any other weight exercise. It'll be good to get them back.

I think the best thing I have learned in this so far is that there really is no excuse not to exercise. Unless you need the rest....but the gym being closed? Bull! It's too late/too early? Crap!! You don't think you have the energy? BULLCRAP!!!!!!!

So here we go. One full week left. Then a "recovery week". I am going to try to be better at the nutrition and the meditation this week

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jen said...

You Rock Rob! You are such an inspiration and a great motivator and I'm so happy I'm married to you!! xoxo...jen