Friday, September 5, 2008

Inspiration at exhaustion!! Singing, Size 32's and Waitin' for a gig....

Okay, to start legs and ass are PISSED OFF!!!!!!!

The Thursday weight workout was great. But I think I pursued the lunge and squat sections a little aggressively.

So today's run was literally a big pain in the ass!

Also, I tweaked my right knee in the show I am rehearsing. I get my head slammed into a table and then thrown accross the room, and we rehearsed it a bunch on Tuesday, and I fell wrong one time and bashed the side of my knee. I am hoping it's just a bruise, and will just nag at me for a bit.....ANYWAY......

Today's run was not pretty. Six miles where I never really got over the "I HAVE to do this" stage....which is pretty rare for me. I chugged along, no worries of time, just wanted to bang out six miles before I had to go to rehearsal ****Does anyone else have a new appreciation for getting their workout done early?!?!?!

I finished the run and came back into my house. Then Jen came back. We both looked beat. But then came the wonderful part!

I never thought I'd be one of those people who "pull out the old pair of jeans they used to fit into".....but.......

Jen was lamenting the fact that I don't have any jeans my butt off. Sorry, but if you're reading my blog, well, it's mine......and I must now write about Jen's view of my butt.....or the view she'd like to get my point.....

As she was saying this, I recalled a pair of jeans I had gotten that were tooooooo small. But because of the project, it wondered if I should try them on......

HOLY CRAP, THEY FIT! Now, if I binged for a few days, they might not fit that well.....but right now, they fit pretty well!!!! I felt great!

Next, I jump in the shower to wash off my ugly six mile run and get ready for rehearsal. My voice feels pretty good so I......for the heck of it....just in the same flippint manner I try in those jeans....try singing a song that has a few notes in it that are very very high and must be sung very very powerfully for them to sound good. Up until this day, I hadn't been able to hit those notes with the abdominal "ooomph" that they needed.


Seriously, this project, and more to the point, the core work in this project has helped my singing and my stage voice incredibly. And today, when I hit those notes I almost couldn't believe it.

Lastly, I got a phone call today from an artistic director for a theatre I am really hoping to work at. But because I was in rehearsal, I couldn't take the call. I knew that when I checked the message, I might have a job offer, I might have a rejection, I might have a "we don't know yet, but we'll keep you posted".

I could have really started to stress, but my yoga helped. "that job does not define me. And though I really want that job, I am happy right now in my life without it, so whatever waits for me on the other end of that message, I am okay."

That is what I really thought, and the message was "give me a call back...looking forward to chatting with you about the project...." but no concrete I still don't know. And I think that's a good test for me. It would be so easy to stress and obsess about what's going to happen. But you know what? Shows come and shows always go. And I know I did the best audition I could and left the choice to them. I can leave it until they tell me and I don't need the stress.

I really think my yoga has helped me realize that stress has no good place in life, no matter what.

Here's to three more weeks! And beyond!!!

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