Monday, September 15, 2008

A New Personal Best Using Roche's "Interval Training"

Happy Week 11! Eleven is one of my favorite numbers, so it is fitting that I had one of the most euphoric workouts of this whole project today:

I used the monday interval training for AN ENTIRE HALF MARATHON!

Basically, I ran .2 miles at a moderate 7 on the RPE. Then I ran 1.2 at an 8 on the RPE. The result was a personal best time for me. I sliced over a minute off my old personal best time.

As I learned in reading the Runners Commandments, when you have a good fast run, you don't need to talk about it, so the exact time is irrelevant. What is relevant is why I have been able to improve. Here are some reasons I belive this project has helped me achieve this:

Better all around strength. Chris has folded in so many things that all systems are improving.

Better Mental Attitude: I am not letting my beliefs get in my way. I am listening to my body, not telling my body how it feels. Letting my mind be more passive, more an observer and less of a dictator.

Using outside inspiration....literally! Running outside has gotten much more pleasing for me. Also, I use other peoples success to fuel my own. My wife is a constant source of inspiration, as is Chris, as are all the other Project folks and my yoga pals. Also, my prof. atheletes that I admire help me find my edge and continue to stretch it. Sound corny, but a pitcher for the Cubs threw a no-hitter yesterday and I used him to push me to do the interval training all through the run. That was my "no hitter".

I love this stuff. Another Runner's Commandment I'd like us all to remember: When we are about to run, or walk, or do anything with our bodies, we should give thanks that we are able to use our bodies so well......

Love and Support to you all,


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Chris said...

Congrats Robasana! You rock and you are walking the talk of the Project. Super proud of you, dude. Inspiration comes in many forms and a baseball pitcher is as good as any other (earthly) source. Way to go, brother!

I just got back from a 90 minute run, but we won't talk about how far I made it in 90 minutes. Let's just say, you would have been home, showered and finishing breakfast if I had ran the same distance you did : -)