Monday, November 17, 2008

A Chilly Half-Marathon Inspired by Roche!

Okay, it has been two months since I posted an entry here. I thought I would let this go after the Project was done. But today I remembered, "We are never DONE.....when we are trully done, I think we are dead!" So having an inspired day, I am writing again and will do so once a week at least!

I wanted to run with Chris Roche around Eagle Creek yesterday. He is training for a full marathon on a wooded and hilly trail. It is happening in six weeks, and the man was going out for a looooong run yesterday, despite having a fever earlier in the week! But my legs needed a day of rest as I have been pushing them hard this past week. I decided to honor my need for rest, as it was the heathier choice. I did house chores, watched football and thought of Chris often.

I had planned to run 10 miles today after my rest yesterday. 10 miles on a nice indoor track that is well padded. 10 miles in shorts and a tee shirt. But I kept thinking about Chris' run......

I decided to suck it up and run outside today. After my matinee of Christmas Carol, I stopped by the Running Co. in Broad Ripple to sign me and Jen up for the Turkey Day run. I invested in some good cold weather running pants and gloves. They gave me a 20% discount because I signed up for the race!

You know.....I used to HATE the notion of running in cold weather. HATE IT!!!!! No, maybe worse than hate.....I just refused to let it be an option. But today something flipped. Maybe it was because I know Chris is working so hard at it no matter the weather.....maybe also because I saw an old friend in the park running this morning as I walked my dog......but whatever the reason, I did it, and in style!

I wound up running a half marathon and really enjoyed the weather. As long as you have the right gear, running in the upper 30 degree weather isn't too bad!

So now I am warm and happy inside. Waiting for Jen to get home from Ohio. A warm cup o' joe and a sleeping pup at my side as I type. And I want to thank Chris for once again guiding me into another option for health and well-being.

Rock on, fellow Project Grads.....and all potential Project enrollees!!



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