Monday, November 24, 2008

A Good Lesson

Today I wanted to work out on the step-mill, or the "Gauntlet" as some call is the actual steps that are on a loop that fall under you. Can't cheat on that machine......unless you hang on the rails with all your weight.....anyway.....

I couldn't use that machine. And I didn't want to run as my ankle is a little tweaked from acting on a hill of snow

I looked towards the Precore....the elliptical machine. A few years ago, I LOVED that machine. But I was going at such a high rate that it was starting too not really feel healthy. I wasn't doing it for was for see if I could still go as fast in my 40th year as when I was in my early 30's.

I had a bit of fear as I stepped onto it today. But as I began, I took my ego out of it and really listened to what felt good to my edge TODAY. Not slacking off. Not pushing for what I have done in the past. What is good in the NOW.

And the result was a wonderful workout that left me feeling great. And it wasn't too far off what I used to do (see my ego can't take the WHOLE day off!) which surprised me.

My workout today was a good reminder of how what you are wanting out of life changes as you age. It is ok to let the past accomplishments and failures go. It makes room for todays goals. So I am back to the precore. Another friend in my arsenal of aerobic attack! Between precore, gauntlet yoga and good ole' running, I should be in great shape for my life. The thing that really is great about hitting the machines is that it gives you a break from the jarring that running can give you......BUT it is vital to keep the running up because some of that jarring is really good for your bones and muscles!

Ok, no HUGE revelation today....but a good old friend came back into my workout world.



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