Monday, January 5, 2009

Ten Mile Run

I am making a new start on this blog. Simpifying when I don't have much to write, but at least writing down what I do for a workout each day, along with anything here goes!

Two weeks until the next Project begins. I am very excited for the new pilots! I have heard from several in the group that they read some of my blog entries and that helped them....all the more reason to write!

I was going to do an indoor workout today at NIFS (my gym) but pushed myself to run outside my door.....I didn't want to!!!! But I did it. Funny, at about mile six I got PISSED!! I really REALLY didn't want to keep going. I felt that way about till mile 8.5. The thing that kept me going was that I knew I could physically DO ten miles, and I had set that as my goal today. And I know I would be bummed if I fell short merely due to being cranky. Also, I knew that overcoming the crankiness in the moment would pay off in being satisfied with achieving my goal the rest of the day....and I was right!!

After I ran I went and taught high school kids stage combat for two great to be around that youthful energy!!!! I love my job.

Still letting myself have desert at night. That will stop soon!!! Two weeks......

ALSO! Did an very intense thing for abs yesterday: Floor sweepers! I will show this to anyone who is interested. But perhaps I will share it with Chris first.......

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