Friday, January 23, 2009

How the #*&#@!!! did I run today???

But I did! Ten freakin' miles. Not fast ones, but they were run. One foot in front of the other. Thighs ACHING from yesterday's leg workout. I haven't used weights in a leg workout in a while, so to run the day after was challenging. But:

This is a great example of hurdling a mental barrier(the idea of hurdling anything right now makes me want to not hurdle, but HURL!.....but I digress....). There clearly was a physical barrier (my legs are SORE!!) but not an insurmountable one. And because I felt an oweness to run today (because I know everyone else is sore and running) I thought I must try. And I was hoping for ten miles, but I wasn't sure if I could actually run ANY. So to make a long story short:

On my own, I could have VERY EASILY passed on the workout today, and that would have been just fine under normal circumstances! BUT! These are not normal times. These are times when I have asked to be pushed to see what my body is capable of. And today I answered the call as did so many of the project participants. Including my sexy,sweet wife, Jen...who ran as well.......way to go, Baby!!!


Chris said...

Hey Rob,

While I'm not nearly as sexy and sweet as your wife, I too put in a 60 minute run today : -) Legs? What legs? Oh, you mean those things beneath me which feel like two pillars of concrete and lactic acid. LOL. Right there with ya, buddy. I was thinking of you during my run, knowing that at some point you would be doing the same workout I was doing.

ps - way to stay strong for the cause!

Sherri said...

Rob, you inspire me! When running/walking, we have to just keep thinking of all the good things we are running toward, right? Congrats to you!

Kelly said...

So great to hear about your run! Did you give a primal scream at the end?
I am so grateful to you for your enthusiasm, especially during the assessment run! Rock on!

Ginger said...

Rob, as always you inspire me. You are amazing! But, what is so great is that you keep it in focus. You bask in everyone else's accomplishments and downplay your own. Thanks to you and Jen for staying so active in this project!

jen said...

you rock and i love you