Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome to the new Project Family!!

Today's entry isn't about my workout (which was fun by the way....90 minute power yoga in my sunroom with my pup, Lil cheering me on during the intense parts....and licking my face during the lying down part) today this is about going down to CityYoga to help kick off Chris Roche's new round of the "Project".

I am going to help in any way I can during the next 12 weeks. And I know being involved will help me. I feel rejuvinated just after the meeting....

I miss my family this holiday season. My wonderful gig at IRT has been so good that I haven't had time to go back to NY to be with my kin. But I was with my kin tonight at CityYoga.

I love the people there. I am at home there. I feel like a kid there. I PLAY there. And I care there....about the other yogi's and there lives. And that care is returned tenfold.

And tonight.....seeing so many new people on that yoga floor. Many who have not yet taken a yoga class. Many who I already know from other parts of my life. Seeing there faces full of excitement (and, yes, a little trepidation, but mostly excitement) at a new adventure about to start. It sends a message to my heart:

"I am in the right place"

Here's to a great twelve weeks.

Here's to us all pushing our edges a bit further.

Here's to my nagging butt/hamstring issue healing!

Peace and love,


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