Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kelly has inspired me!

I have been off the blog lately, but not because I have nothing to write about. Just got out of practice. But Kelly and her posts have got my mojo going again. I do miss keeping up with how everyone is doing, so I am going to get back into it.

Just a shortie tonight, as it is LATE!!!

Jen and I have been doing a stationary bike at NIFS. Jen much more than me, but thanks to her I am into it as well and it is GREAT. It's called the Expresso, and it has 30 different virtual courses you can do, and some of them are butt-busters! I never dug cycling, but this has me a little stoked. I will write more about it later.....other topics I want to cover:

Me and Jen thinking pretty seiously about having a kid.

My Mom turning 80.

How my mind feels at 43, and how my body feels. And how my mind sometimes THINKS my body feels! ha ha! that's a good thing to ponder......

gotta sleep. More soon! Hope to see more of you good people!


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Kelly said...

So GREAT to hear from you! Awesome about the cycling - I don't know why, but cycling is intimidating to me! Maybe I can get inspired by you and Jen!
Take care,