Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Update.....a brief one!

Keeping up with Kelly!!! I will not let her have to take on the whole blogging duties!!!!

My trip back home was AMAZING! My Mom was blown away and surprised completely by the party.

And near the end of the great night, Jen and I wound up on the dancefloor with about five of my nephews teaching them yoga moves! Headstands and arm balances! And they did really well and we provided lots of entertainment for the hard-core party-goers.

And the day before the party, I ran ten miles on River Road. I have run a half-marathon on that road, but this was cooler and maybe more challenging. The reason: I ran a hillier section of the road. It was INSANE!! So steep hills, but it felt really wonderful. And Jen did three miles and one mile walking, so I think she is good to go for the "Go Girl" race!!!!!

Jen and I took the ACRO-YOGA workshop tonight and it was wonderful! We balanced each other in lots of different poses. Although some of it is challenging, I think many of our community could do lots of these poses. Kelly! You and Matt could totally do these! We should talk!!

Hope all are well!


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