Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Mini Under my Belt......

Ran a half marathon yesterday in 91:30. Not an official race, just me in my neighborhood. Felt really good and I was glad I brought my stopwatch. I wasn't going to for fear of getting too much performance hype in my head. But I never did. I felt like my RPE started out at about a 7, and when I finished my first lap (it takes a little over nine laps around my neighborhood to do a mini) I was surprised that my time was 10:10. Usually I have to push to get under a ten minute lap. Since I was close to that, I decided to lightly push the next lap, which I did in 9:44. Well, then my positive cometitive juices kicked in and I had a lot of fun challenging myself, without going overboard. The result was the fastest half marathon I've run in two months. Not my personal best, but really good on a day when I was just going to run without timing myself.

I can push myself for another sub-90 half marathon. It's just about putting the fear aside and doing the work and enjoying the effort.

QUESTION FOR CHRIS OR ANYONE ELSE: Is it common to be stronger on your "non-dominant side" and better with balance on your "dominant side"? I am and I think it's odd.
My entire left side is stronger than my right, but my right leg is a much better anchor for single-leg poses than my left. What is up with that?!?!?!

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Chris said...

Hola Rob!

Thanks for the comment you left over on the the main BTWG blog. I'll let you know how things go and I'd be glad to share all about my training.

Also, I had read your question here as well as on the comments you left. I can explain more later, yet for now, I would say "yes", it is common to have strength on one side, yet a lack of balance. I would also say that it's not "natural", meaning that for most of us it isn't the way we are born, yet it is common.

More soon. Off to catch some "Z's" before tomorrows big run.