Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hill Training.....great for us FLATLANDERS!

I went back to NY to visit my family last week and had three opportunities to do some of the hardest running us Hoosiers can do: HILLS.

The first run was easily in the top five hardest workouts I have ever done. It was a run up Mt. Beacon in NY state. Only 2.5-2.75 miles....but the last mile and a half is a constant mountain times over a 20% grade. I ran it with my nephew who has been doing it several times a week and I thought I was going to have to stop twice, but I plowed through. The reward was a gorgeous resivoir at the top, and a great swim. I was obliterated. Granted, I had done a weight workout earlier that day, and it was about 90 degrees, but it would have been extrememly hard anyway.

I was so intrigued by it, that I ran it again two days later. Not as fast this time, but I made it. I ran alone and didn't push as hard as when I was with my Nephew.

Two days later, I ran at my Mom's on River Road (Ive blogged about that before) and I BLEW through those hills!!!! Something about the mountain's constant climb made the River Road seem much easier.

And today, at an indoor track at NIFS I took advantage of my "mountain legs and lungs" and set two records for myself. Fastest five miles ever (6:28/mile) and fastest 6 miles ever (6:28,75/mile). No, I didn't run 11 miles! I ran 6 miles, but noted the time each mile.

So if you can get to some hills....train on them!!!



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