Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Mom is Turning 80!

Hi All,

So next weekend Jen and I will be travelling East to see my family and have a party for my Mom. She is tunring eighty, and I can't really belive that. Well, part of me can. I think we are all aware somewhere inside ourselves of the constant progression of time. When my Dad passed on in 1989, a clock sounded in my head that began a different awarness of my mortality and everyone around me. And it seems like only a short time ago my family was having a party for my Grandma turning 80, and now it's my Mom........the onion keeps peeling, doesn't it?

I don't know what to say about it, except that it's cool. It must be! It's what we all signed on for. Or what our parents signed us on for when they has us. But I feel like we signed on for this life, and our parents just provided the entrance into this world. Sometime I'll explain my theory behind this, and then you'll all think I am either really in touch with things, or a real whack-job!!

My bod feels pretty good. My voice is a little ratty, which is no good for actors! My fault for doing some things that don't help it, like the occasional cigarrette. But I am working on keeping that down. I want to admit that I do that to my "healthy community" of friends because otherwise I feel I am hiding it, and that is only adding to the issue in a negative way. And you know, there is a part of me that views an OCCASIONAL smoke as an ok thing. But the majority of my mind and heart recognizes that it is incidious; it will always be a habit forming and addictive temptation. And it will not help my career.

Besides that little ommision, I feel very strong and healthy. Mixing up the workouts: Some project stuff (the last one Chris put out there was GREAT!) and running, biking and the Gauntlet. All of these are keeping me strong for the upcoming acting season and for perhaps becoming a Papa......!

Jen and I are talking, I don't like the term "trying". We are talking about "making the opportunity very possible" for becoming pregnant. Haven't made things fully possible yet, but maybe soon. Scary and absolutely wonderful!

What else? Thanks to my Nephew, Zack, I am picking up the guitar after a sixteen year pause! Only for fun and probably just for myself and Jen, but it's so nice to strum some chords again. So theraputic. And Jen has begun tickling the piano keys again! Hopefully we will keep this up. Much better than the t.v.

Wow, lots of topics. But I will keep writing thanks to Kelly and Chris for the re-inspiration into blog-dom!!

With love,


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Kelly said...

I am sending you and Jen lots of Jersey-girl good vibes for your trip East. So much neat stuff going on - making music, maybe making kiddos! Wow! You are both in my thoughts!