Thursday, February 17, 2011

10 mile run.....OUTSIDE!!!

Took advantage of the warmth and ran outside today. Hard to believe we were ice-bound a week ago. Running on the street (Pennsylvania between 71st and 86th..I do laps!) was so nice. I felt the winter depression start to fly away from me. I saw old man winter and told him to keep on blowin' outta here.

Friday, hot yoga with Lisa D.

Saturday Morning, my favorite time of the week, power yoga with Chris.

And doing a really solid show at IRT. And Jen is back home.

I am a lucky guy.....



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Kelly said...

WASN'T IT GREAT TO GET OUT! I actually had a tough run physically (my legs were worn out) but I loved loved loved being outside again! Thanks for the smile and the great reminder, Rob!