Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm putting my feet up!

Haven't had a "day off" from working out in about 8 days. The last five looked like this:

Wednesday: Great Project weight workout: 5 Supersets: Pull ups, Slow Mo Push Ups, Hammer Curls, Dips, Weighted Sit-Ups...all as many as you can do....5 sets of that.

Thursday: Ran 14 miles at "non race pace"

Friday: Hot Yoga with Lisa D.

This Morning: Power Yoga with Chris, where he gave us all hip replacements in honor of Diane!

Tomorrow I will do one more weight workout, then Monday I take the day off as I am donating platelets.

I LOVE THIS CRAZY LIFE! Keep hangin', Project-folks!!!!

1 comment:

Chris said...

You earned that day off, Rob!! Way to keep on kickin' it! Thanks for walking the talk. Oh, and I hope those new hips work out for ya : )