Friday, March 20, 2009

Half Marathon on the Gauntlet and 100 chin-ups

Back in Indy! So nice to be home, but boy did I need to see my family.

Yesterday I did 90 minutes on the step-mill (Gauntlet) and burned 1670 calories and "travelled" 14.5 miles. I think for sure that machine is generous with it's distances and burned calories. 90 minutes is enough time for me to run 13.2 miles if I am JAMMING, and I don't think a "gauntlet half marathon" is a rigorous as a running half, so I think the machine is lying.

That being said, it is still an ass-kicker!

And this morning I did my 100 chin-ups workout. And nice upper body workout that gives my legs a break in prep for yoga tomorrow.

Next weeks workouts that Chris has prepared loom. I am a little nervous about them.

Counting the Gauntlet workouts, I am right around 230 miles run/stepmilled since the project began. Still have no desire to ever to a full marathon....I'll leave that to the other crazies!

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Chris said...

90 minutes on the Gautlet and 100 chin-ups make for a nice warm up for your new "top secret" Project workouts : ) I'm with you on the marathon thing. I don't think I will ever do a road marathon, though I am planning a 50K in the near future. I'd rather do 50K on the trail than 26.2 on the road any day. Guess I'm just that kind of crazie.

See you tomorrow, Amigo.