Monday, March 9, 2009

Recovery Please! And a trip home...

I did my Monday aerobic on Sunday so Jen and I could have a day off together today. So I worked out seven straight days, and I am still fatigued at the end of my day off. I was planning to do a five to seven mile run and then Chris' Tuesday night Class. Still planning, and hoping I wake up with my legs feeling like they have some energy in them. Right now....they is still BEAT!

I am going to drive back east to see my family in a few days, and there is a BEAUTIFUL road to run runs right alongside the Deleware River and is very hilly. I hope to do a 10-15 miler on that road at least once while I am home.

I am really lucky that I get to go back to see my family. Been way to long. I also think I am going to drive to New Jersey and see the place where I grew up. Have lunch with an old friend, but also spend some solitary time to let the past wash over me. Going back brings up the teeny little memories that won't come up unless you go back. Sometimes it makes me a little sad, or feel like a ghost that is haunting it's past life. But I think overall it's a good thing.

See you all in Two Saturdays at Cityoga....but lotsa blogging till then!

Happy Recovery Week!

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