Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ten Miles at "under 90 mini-pace" and KETTLE-BELLS!

Jen and I went to the gym today and I was feeling the fire.

My calf, which I was a little worried about a few days ago, was better. And things just feel good. Jen and I are going to do a show together at the IRT this fall, and that gives me great joy. And I know I have a one-man show coming up in under a year, and I want to be in great endurance shape for that. So today I felt the fire from that.

I wasn't concerned with my time, but after the first mile (6:20) I knew I had some kick. So I decided to concern myself with my time. I wound up running 10 miles at an average of 6:43/mile. It felt great. Challenging at times...some walls to get through, but mostly great.

And I am still not going to run next weekends half marathon for an under 90 minute attempt. I just want to enjoy the sights.....and HOPE for nice weather!

The Kettle Bell stuff Chris has us doing is wonderful. And the agility, superset stuff is so challenging and a real rush. I am keeping it in my workout routine.


Chris said...

Yeah, Dude! Training is paying off. Glad to hear the calf is back up to speed... literally!

Keep jamming this week and right through the half marathon this weekend. No Excuses!

Chris said...

By the way, I've whittled off 2.5 minutes from the circuit portion of tonight's (Monday) strength workout. Getting used to the suffer fest and actually craving it more each week. Know you are loving it too. Making my "easier" runs seem... easy! Gotta love that.