Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tempo Run, and yes my photo is not to be taken seriously....

Went for my "running for time" run today. I should have checked with Roche beforehand, but I had good reasons like:

I didn't do a tempo run last week after running a half marathon instead of the tempo run.

I wanted to do a hard run on Sunday, and take Monday off because Jen's schedule at IRT is conducive to having an off day on Monday.

I wanted to just check in with my pace on a day when I hadn't blown my legs out the day before.

So, I ran six hard miles and averaged 6:34/mile. My first two miles I averaged 6:21 per mile, and then backed off a bit. But I jammed hard the last three minutes. After that, I ran two easy "cool down miles" for a total of 8 miles. I like keeping that distance up when I can. Good training for half marathons.

I might ask Chris if I can do the interval day on Wednesday. Or maybe another tempo run....whatever he thinks would be best.

And yes, my photo.....Jen took that for a book we made where I played a very effeminite and pompous character. I think his name is Hedley. Or Peebo. Can't remember.....


I am making the switch to stevia, and am gettin gused to the different taste. I also notice the lack of gassiness that I felt when I was a Splendaholic. I still use a little bit of Splenda with the Stevia, but am weening myself. Thanks Alison!!!!!!


Cole said...

Hey Rob --

You are Welcome.


Ginger said...

Hey Rob,good for you to switch to the Stevia. Going from lots of sugar with lots of coffee to a little bit of stevia with 2 cups of coffee a day really hasn't been too bad. I never did the Splenda thing. I think maybe I am glad!
Great run times. I am amazed. I am doing the 10K prerace for the Mini Saturday (gulp) Wish me luck! Hope to get over to the meeting when I am done, but I have an 11:00 thing at the Zoo so we shall see.