Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mentoring in the Community

Ok, brief project synopsis, then on to talking about a very important part of my life: Mentoring!

But first: Great workout week so far. I had a strong tempo run on Monday (7 miles total, with good strong 3 minute speed runs in the middle-6 sets total) a hard leg workout on Tuesday, on Wednesday it was time to take advantage of a 50 degree day outside, so I ran a half marathon with NO TIME GOALS. Didn't even bring my watch. Today I did a wonderfully crafted chest/bi/tri workout (GREAT JOB ON MAPPING THAT OUT, ROCHE!!) and tomorrow I will do an hour on the step-mill (which I also call the Gauntlet).

My legs are getting good at quick recoveries.....hence being able to get back on the aerobic path two days after a 13.1 mile run. I love this program for the training it gives my body to recover quickly.

Now: mentoring.

I am a mentor at New Tech High School and have been for two years. If anyone has considered volunteering their time to a worthy cause in your community, I would suggest getting involved with high schoolers who are at risk of not graduating. It is not glamourous at all. It sometimes really sucks. Sometimes they really don't like you at all. BUT I feel like I have gotten through the most shaky time with them and have won their respect and trust. I don't b.s them. I only talk about things that I know....the rest of the time I ask them questions and try to learn from them. The last three months I have become the unofficial "nutrition guy" for the mentoring program. Every week I try to bring in some info about eating right. Many of the kids are battling weight problems. They really took to the info I talked about bit time! More than I thought they would.

Also, I have won their respect because they came to see the last show I did at IRT. And they loved it! For lots of them it was the first show they have seen. And they all want to come back. I feel like I have created an avenue to make a real impact on the city I call home. Not an easy road to pave, but now that I have it started, I feel a really wonderful responsablitly to maintain it. If I can help just a few students towards graduation, that will be a wonderful thing.

In this day and age I think it is more important than every for us to reach out. Even as we are stressed about our own finances and future securities. When I go to mentor, I feel connected to the world and it makes me worry so much less about my own "Private Idaho".

Love you guys,



Anonymous said...

Rob - I am touched by your sincerity and passion towards your mentoring! Wow, how cool is that!


Cole said...


I too saw your show last Sat. night and you were great... in such a mean, scary way. That story is something else.

Yep. Doing something bigger than yourself if the route to sanity. Good for you working with at risk teen-agers. I currently have two teen-agers on my list of things to do EVERY DAY and they are often "at risk" of letting me have at them -- given some of their current behaviors. I doubt I will be mentoring teenagers in the near future but I have been spending quite a bit of time helping some Not for Profits for which I serve on their Boards. Trying to help a family homeless center keep its doors open to serve the growing number of homeless families in Indy is a big task.

Your work outs sound beastly. Just go run 13.1 miles in a give day... yeah right. I am happy that I am getting out and doing my 4 mile run.

Good to hear about all of your fabulous adventures.


Kelly said...

Wow, Rob! SO great to hear you are a mentor at Tech -- as an IPS employee who works with students in alternative schools, I am so grateful that YOU are gracing some of our neediest and amazing students with your wisdom, sincerity and happiness. Yeah!

Chris said...

Thanks for the inspiration and pointing the way, Rob. Oh, and by the way, your new image on your blog, you know your blog i.d. thing is hilarious. Well, at least I hope it was supposed to be hilarious, cuz I sure found it to be... You truly are insane! That's part of why I love ya so much : )

Paul said...

Rob- you add so much to the world- inspiration, art, friendship, compassion, etc. I am so pleased that you are my mentor in the Project- and my friend in life.

Thanks so much for everything- including helping me to decide to do my intervals on the gauntlet tomorrow morning at 5:00AM. I may be thinking that you are a bit less inspiration by 5:45. :)