Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Signed Up for the IU Half Marathon!

As the regular workouts resume, I found a nice end-goal for my project work(though I know there is no real "finish line" with this stuff). I am doing the I.U. half marathon on April 4th! Very psyched about going down to my old school and running around lots of old memories.

Now the two big questions for me are:

1. Will I challenge myself to run for time and try to get another half marathon under 90 minutes?

and the more important one.....

2. Where will I eat afterwards??????

.....so many good places I used to love to chow down at down there! I'll think about the answer to that as I train......

I did my Monday interval training waaaaay early (for me). BEFORE my student matinee at 10 am. I ran at 8a.m., which isn't too early. I am thinking of doing that again tomorrow, except trying to start at 7:30. We'll see.

So nice to have a "something special" to work towards.

Hope you are well,



Chris said...

Way to go, Rob! Bet it will be a lot more hilly than the Indy Mini. That should provide a nice challenge for your new level of Project-based fitness!

I'm considering a run that is the first Saturday in May (think that may be Indy Mini weekend?). After this Sunday's long run, I will know if I'm going to commit or not.


Kelly said...

My dear friend and her daughter saw you in Mockingbird on Saturday night and said you were the best!
I am sorry I missed it! Take care, have a great week!