Monday, February 23, 2009

New Running Intervals....and SINGING!

Quick post before I fall down for the night....

Started my new interval training today. Running at an 8.5 for three minutes at a clip, then recovery running for a minute. Repeated that 6 times. And ran a mile and a half warm up, and a little over two miles for a cool down. Yea, wether I run the Bloomington race for time or not, I will be ready!

Also: Something "performance" based for me that this project is helping is my singing!

I am finding some vocal power in my upper core, between my chest and my abs, that I am tapping into to hit my upper vocal register. It's starting to give me a stronger third octive than I have had for a long while. A GREAT reason for me to keep up with those core routines!

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