Wednesday, February 11, 2009

10 more miles

Ran 10 miles today. First time I have run such a long distance two days after running a half marathon distance.

My first mile was my slowest, which is different for me....and GREAT! I was trying to go slow as my body was sore from Monday's run. I ran the first mile in 7:17....but my average mile time for the first 7 miles wound up being 7:05! I think that is a testament to the Wednesday runs that Chris has had us doing....where we push hard at the end. I have always pushed hard at the beggining and then levelled off. But this is giving me another way to run.

I had to take a "potty break" before running the last 3 miles. And when I started them up, boy I didn't want to run them! My legs were lead. But I chugged 'em out in an average of around 7:22. Funny how a few seconds slower felt like an eternity.

Also am nursing a GROSS blister on a pinky-toe....which might have an impact on what I can do Friday. I was hoping to shoot for 6 miles, which would have given me 30 for the week. But I'll see......

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