Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yoga in the Country

This morning I went off the project workout schedule. No, I am not turning over a new, bad leaf and shirking my workouts. I am "improvising due to wonderful opportunites".

In the last leg of my trip home, I slept at my brother, Russ' house. He has a beautiful home in a small country town called Jeffersonville. His house is heated mainly by a big cast iron-wood burning stove. I had planned to lift today, entering the final weeks of the project. But as I was packing up my gear at 7:30am, I looked at the open space in front of the stove......it was BEGGING me to "get my Roche on". So I did!

It was so much fun. I had Chris on the i-pod, so I put on my headphones, strapped the i-pod to my arm, and went to town. My Bro's cat, Lynx laid on the couch, half watching me, half sleeping. The fire roasted, and during the half-moon section almost roasted me!

I had such a good time, and paused the shivasana section because I wanted a longer meditation in front of the fire.

I love this trip home. I have had some epiphanies, and also enjoyed shaping my workouts around what the world was giving me. A half marathon called to me because River Road was there. A great non-project weight workout followed the next day because my two nephews wanted to work out with me and show me some things they had learned. The wood stove was irresistable!

So next week, it's back to the Project full time....fueled by a wonderful adventurous time this week.

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Chris said...

Man, that sounds soulful and inspiring; what a way to practice... Glad you have had a great trip back home, though we have missed you here in Indy. Look forward to seeing you when you get back.