Sunday, August 10, 2008

Half Marathon Run and Sleep!

Howdy Pilots!

Well, after many nights of poor and sometimes little sleep, Jen and I cashed it hard last night. Nine hours! I know it's not healthy to try to do "catch up" sleep. I need to get more each night than I do. Of course as I write this I am sure all of you are in bed!

Anyway, I went for a "mini" test run today and felt great! I ran 13.2 miles in a little under 92 minutes. And I didn't feel like I was pushing too hard. Just a good tempo run.

What I love about that is this: Four years ago I was prepping for my first mini and hoping for a time under 100 minutes. I ran that first mini in 90:16....great....except for the fact that I was OBLITERATED for the next five days! Pulled groin, torn up calves, and butt muscles that were very grumpy for a week......

Today I ran at a fair clip for me. Maybe not as fast as I could, but a good pace. And tonight I feel fine. A bit tight, but fine. Thank you yoga and better conditioning in my mind and body.

What do I need to work on in the next seven weeks? Meditiation. Meditation. Meditation.

Eliminating beating myself up when I "let myself down" or don't meet an expectation in life or the Project.

Accept where I am and keep kindly moving myself forward.

Jen and I are off to Europe tomorrow....after our weight workout! Send us good vibes as we keep the project flying high overseas......

Here's good vibes to all of you.....



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