Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hello From Edinburgh!!!

Sunday Night......can't remember the date!

Jen and i are having a very intense time here in Scotland. Travel has been tiring, and we haven't even started the Fringe show yet! But tomorrow we will to the tech for it in the morning, and then jen and i will do our interval run. We searched out a beautiful park to run in today.

So easy to see why Europeans don't have the obesity rate we do: Today Jen and i walked easily four to five miles. We will do that most days we are here. We will NOT be counting that as our workouts!!!! No way. That's just a part of life here, and when we get home, we will try to incorporate it more into our lives in Indy.

Nutrition has been the biggest challenge so far, but we have been pretty good. We ate at a Vegitarian place tonight....the oldest vegitarian restaurant in Edinburgh! It was great and we were very healthy with our choices. All salad....the only starchy things were some yams cut up and a multi grain roll. And now that we are in a house we can cook more for ourselves. Went shopping today and bought great grub for the next week.

We have been lousy with counting the calories. Just trying to make good choices. We will definintely pick the counting back up full time when we are back home. We ARE looking at the labels of everything we buy and making informed choices. Still tough to read some UK nutritional labels, though......

Sorry Chris, I don't think haggis will pass my lips. Although people say it tastes good, I can't do it. I DID however have a glass of twelve year old scotch that made me think I could learn to be a drinker.........

okay. now that we have better computer access i will be writing more.

Wish us luck on the tech tomorrow....and the interval run!!!



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