Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Working Out on the Road....

Hi Fellow Pilots!

Just a quick entry before bed. What a wonderful time Jen and I are having visitng my family in NY/Pennsylvania. My family had converged on my Mom's house to give it some much needed TLC. Ripping down wallpaper, painting most of the interior, and during the progects, so much laughter and sharing memories....and catching up! I am the last of seven so there's a lot of activity here!

And I am proud to say we haven't missed a workout. And Today's entry into the second phase of the strength was.....shall I say......In-Freakin-Tense!!!!! Wow....that was a highly challenging workout. There were a few times that I was laughing at how hard it was. And a few times I thought there was no way I'd get through it. And for the first time I had to stop in the middle of an ab set.....I also had to stop during the two-speed push ups. After the second round of two speeds, when I went to do the three fast push ups, my body froze in fear of doing a complete face plant! I had to just do three "pulses" of push ups.......

Anyway. We are back to full throttle! And tomorrow I run along the Deleware River and will probably see Eagles, Deer and have a remote chance of a bear sighting! I miss this countryside where I am from.

Oh! Monday's interval run was great. I find the minute on and "off" somehow less challenging mentally that the thirty seconds......it may be also that I let myself do more of and 8 to 8.5 rather than a 9 on the RPE scale. That made a big difference.

Okay. Must sleep. Tomorrow we run, kayak and at night I perform my show that I am taking to Scotland in a week. There's a beautiful old theatre here in town. Small and quaint, like the town itself.



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