Thursday, August 21, 2008

Working out during a one-man friggin Scotland!

We found a gym to do the Thursday workout in today. Needed it because there's no other way to do chin ups or lat pull downs in the house we're staying in......after some poking around we found a great gym, mapped the bus route there, worked out anyone else ready for a recovery week?!?!?! And an hour after we finished, I was starting the one man show.......holy crap!

I love it, is amazing how much stamina you can find with the right mind set.

Tomorrow is a run. Probably in the rain....again. But that's cool.

Jen's folks are in town to see the cool is that?!? My in-laws travel to Scotland to see me perform. They are great friends. Anyway, we ate with them tonight and it posed some challenges, but we came out of it without being too bad. Still probably eating a bit too much later in the evening.

Looking forward to the last three days here, then getting back to the states. But I want to be very present for my last 72 hours in a wonderful foreign land.

Much love your way, fellow bloggers!


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