Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Running in the Rain in Scotland

Howdy everybody!

Wanted to share a really cool experience with you all. Jen and I are in Scotland. We have done a good job with keeping up with our workouts over here. The only day we missed was all day on the plane...they kept stopping us from jumping rope in the isles. Damn airline rules!

Anyway, we had our interval run yesterday. We have found a nice park not too far from our flat. Hee hee......I love using all the terms that are new to us....flat, loo, privy, dustbin, carpark, rubbish, petrol, allu-MINIUM can......but I digress.....

It was a cold, rainy day. And by cold, I mean the kind of day we might have in late October. Really kinda chilly. I have loved the weather over here.....we are getting a break from the dog days of Indiana. But yesterday was lousy and chilly.

So Jen and I finished teching our show and came home and went for our run. Walking to the park it was so nasty! We both had this posture of....well....icky-ness. And then as we ran...the "importance" of the bad weather just melted away as we got into what we were doing. And the really joyful part was that as we walked back home, feeling like we had really conquored something, it was still raining pretty good, and WE DIDN'T CARE!!! It was actually enjoyable to walk in. A gift from the workout....a new perspective on the rain....we were already soaked, so who cares!

Watching other people struggle to keep the rain out, wincing against it, made me wish everybody could feel what I felt at that moment. Like a kid playing outside...

Okay, off to do a weight workout, then my first performance over here.......send me the mojo, folks......



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